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We like nothing more than sharing our favourite hair products with you so take a look below and look through our new products, our picks, special offers and products for hairloss.

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Botanique Skin - Gentle Cleansing GelBotanique Skin - Gentle Cleansing GelOur price: £17.00Botanique Intense MaskBotanique Intense MaskOur price: £20.00Botanique Skin - Balancing Cream 50mlBotanique Skin - Balancing Cream 50mlOur price: £30.00Botanique Gentle Styling MousseBotanique Gentle Styling MousseOur price: £17.00Botanique Balancing ShampooBotanique Balancing ShampooOur price: £16.00Botanique Intense ShampooBotanique Intense ShampooOur price: £16.00Botanique Gentle ConditionerBotanique Gentle ConditionerOur price: £17.00Botanique Gentle Volumising ShampooBotanique Gentle Volumising ShampooOur price: £16.00Botanique Intense Styling CreamBotanique Intense Styling CreamOur price: £24.00Botanique Intense Hair & Scalp OilBotanique Intense Hair & Scalp OilOur price: £29.00Botanique Skin - Balancing TonerBotanique Skin - Balancing TonerOur price: £17.00

La Biosthetique Shampoo Soleil 250mlLa Biosthetique Shampoo Soleil 250mlOur price: £20.75La Biosthetique Hydrating Spa Fluid - Essential Hydrating FluidLa Biosthetique Hydrating Spa Fluid - Essential Hydrating FluidOur price: £22.00Botanique Gentle Styling MousseBotanique Gentle Styling MousseOur price: £17.00Botanique Gentle Volumising ShampooBotanique Gentle Volumising ShampooOur price: £16.00La Biosthetique Shampoo Anti Frizz 200mlLa Biosthetique Shampoo Anti Frizz 200mlOur price: £19.50La Biosthetique Spa Le HuilleLa Biosthetique Spa Le HuilleOur price: £21.25La Biosthetique Shampoo BeautéLa Biosthetique Shampoo BeautéOur price: £18.50La Biosthetique Spa Le PeelingLa Biosthetique Spa Le PeelingOur price: £25.25La Biosthetique Heat ProtectorLa Biosthetique Heat ProtectorOur price: £20.50La Biosthetique Spa Le BainLa Biosthetique Spa Le BainOur price: £17.25La Biosthetique Spa Le LaitLa Biosthetique Spa Le LaitOur price: £21.50La Biosthetique Serum Antifrizz 50mlLa Biosthetique Serum Antifrizz 50mlOur price: £20.75

Tulip Hair CurlerTulip Hair CurlerRRP: £85.00Our price: £79.00A saving of: £6.00 (7%)Gift VouchersGift VouchersOur price: £10.00

La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250mlLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250mlOur price: £24.75La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10mlLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10mlOur price: £122.50La Capsule 63 Day TreatmentsLa Capsule 63 Day TreatmentsOur price: £76.75La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10mlLa Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10mlOur price: £107.00La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Synergie 60 CapsulesLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Synergie 60 CapsulesOur price: £40.50La Biosthetique Ergines B 100mlLa Biosthetique Ergines B 100mlOur price: £24.50La Biosthetique BabybiosLa Biosthetique BabybiosOur price: £20.75La Capsule 7 Day TreatmentsLa Capsule 7 Day TreatmentsOur price: £13.25

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dry and damaged hair fixes soothe and itchy, dry scalp balance out greasy and oily hair give dandruff the heave-ho improve the appearance of thinning hair care for coloured hair

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Supplying hair products online since 2004

We do not hide out postage costs in the cost of the product under the guise of free delivery. We are open about delivery costs and offer delivery as low as we can. For a secure and reliable service.

All of your purchases are delivered first class via secure recorded delivery. Delivery is normally in 2-3 working days (UK only) so not only is it secure it is speedy too.

Luxury hair care products to suit your style

We've come a long way from setting our hair with a paper bag and giving it shine with a final wash of ale yet the quest still remains for perfect shiny, beautifully held hair that gives you confidence and sets you up in the morning to go out in the world. We stock the very best hair care products to make it easier for you to find the products you need.

When choosing a shampoo or conditioner your first choice will be dependent on your hair type. Is it coloured, curled, dry, fine or greasy? Next up you need to decide what level of chemicals you are happy to have in your shampoo? Would you like 100% natural haircare such as the La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic range or do you want to harness the goodness of nature with the milk proteins found in the MilkShake brand? Or maybe you like big statement hair and Sexy hair is more your thing?

Next you need to consider scents and the job you need the shampoo and conditioner to do. Do you want perfumed or non-perfumed? What about your reason for buying the product in the first place? Do you suffer from dandruff or any other scalp condition that means you need to buy a more specialised shampoo? Don't be fooled into thinking you have to choose shampoo and conditioner that does the same job, when you use conditioner it should be used on the ends of your hair so if you have a greasy scalp and dry ends then choose a shampoo for greasy hair and a moisturising conditioner to even it up.

Professional hair care products

The HairCareShop is run by professional hair stylists with over decades of experience using hair products. We have matched the best products for the different types of hair. Choose your hair type from the list on the right to find products that will best care for your hair and scalp.

At HairCareShop we stock a range of luxury hair care products from established brands that we believe in.

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